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Our Communities

Proud of the apartment buildings and communities we serve

Sierra Realty & Management is proud of every community we manage, and we are passionately dedicated to serving each one’s best interests. On this page, you will find vibrant, family-friendly communities, with high-quality housing, access to good schools and nearby shopping. In short, our communities are excellent places to live.

To keep them that way, Sierra Realty & Management goes to great lengths of service. We offer proactive maintenance programs, on-site janitorial staff, a 24-hour emergency hotline, and quick responses to your concerns.

Please review the properties featured here. If you are interested in applying for an apartment or learning more about a specific building, contact us.


Providing Expert Guidance to Homeowner Associations

We have a proven track record of assisting the board of directors in protecting property values, holding the community to high standards and exceeding the established expectations of homeowners.

Click here to see some of the condominium associations we manage.

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